Jen Jamula & Allison Goldberg

11 October 2016

"NoTextWeekend rose out of frustration with, well, texting! It’s totally taken over communication. In our comedy show Blogologues, we perform text from the internet and social media word-for-word. So between the show and our own personal lives, we’ve read and experienced way too many text miscommunications. Texting is just a little too easy! It’s great for logistics, but how often have you used it to bail on something last minute? How often have you been at dinner, talking to a friend, while your friend actively texts someone else? And don’t even get us started on dating.

We were fed up to the point of wanting to do something about it. We thought, “What if we don’t text anyone for an entire week? No Text Week!” Then, we became more realistic-- the truth is, most of us do use texting for work nowadays-- and we settled on a text-free weekend. As live performers, we knew we wanted to incorporate a series of text-themed events featuring NYC’s top artists, storytellers, and comics. But we were also interested in creating something global, and decided to base the weekend on an online pledge that anyone could take, anywhere around the world, to talk instead of text. We took endless meetings for advice and brainstorming, made a website, and launched the movement knowing that we’d learn a ton as Year 1 unfolded.

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