Robert Reffkin

11 October 2016

“My mother is a real estate agent so growing up, observing her frustrations, I knew the real estate industry was filled with inefficiencies. When my partner Ori and I decided to start @Compassin 2013, we knew there would be excitement around infusing technology into brokerage. First launching in New York, which is one of the most challenging real estate markets in the world, was difficult to say the least. But we saw how receptive the agent community was to our business model and knew we needed to grow outside of NY. Now we are live in 8 major markets and we are making the lives of our 800+ agents better. We aim to have a presence in the 50 top luxury markets in the world."

Was your family supportive you when you told them you were going to be an entrepreneur?

My wife, Benis, has been nothing but supportive throughout this entire process. She was even one of our first employees while pregnant with our first child. My mom is a real estate agent and has seen the flaws of the industry first-hand, so she is thrilled that Compass is shifting the industry toward a brighter future. Many of my friends and contacts are early investors in Compass and believed in the vision of the company from its inception, and still have faith in the brand today.

What does your typical morning routine look like?

Wake my 2 1/2 year old daughter up and get her out of bed. With a 2 month old as well, mornings can be a little hectic - so we’ve created a routine. First thing in the morning, I get up with my older daughter and then on my way into the office drop her off at school. It’s great to have a few minutes alone with her everyday! We usually play cards on the way to school. I deal the cards and she asks for a red 2 with hearts. Until she gets that she isn't quite happy. Once she gets that she says "A red 2... My favorite" and then the game is over.

How do you stay balanced? Any hobbies outside your work?

Running is a great passion of mine. I have run 50 marathons--one in each state--raising over $1 million for various charities. I also started my own charity, America Needs You, which supports first-generation college students like myself.

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